Beat The Heat! Iced Coffees & Cocktails

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Create the ultimate refreshing drink using Monin Syrups, Frappe Mixes, Purees and Smoothie Mixes.

Beat The Heat with a Beer Mule! A refreshing drink for summer, made up of Monin Ginger Syrup, Vodka and Beer.

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A visual helpful guide on Iced Coffees and Teas. Including; Iced Mocha, Iced Flavoured Latte, Vanilla Frappe, Coffee Frappe, Flavoured Frappe, Flavoured Iced Tea.

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Video: How to create an Iced Mocha

Visit from John Glen, MP for Salisbury and South Wiltshire

The Team at Nutshell were delighted to welcome Mr John Glen, MP for Salisbury and South Wiltshire, on Friday 22nd June 2018, to show how much our trade is interwoven with Europe and to discuss the potential impact Brexit could have on the business and local economy.

As Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister, John was very interested to understand the commercial and economic implications of Brexit first hand and reassured us that the Chancellor was fully aware of the need of continuing free movement of goods with Europe. It was excellent to be able to give him a tour of our new offices and factory, and meet all our staff.

It was such a beautiful day, that before he dashed off to meet with Prince Charles in Salisbury City Centre, we even took the opportunity to capture a company photo! What a great team!

Following his visit to Nutshell, Mr John Glen said he’d “Spent an informative time this morning at Nutshell Portions on Churchfields Industrial Estate in Salisbury. It’s a fantastic local business exporting single portion food and beverage products across the European Union. Managing Partner Jonathan Moffat showed me round the offices and factory floor where I got to meet all the staff. We then had a useful meeting where he set out his views on Brexit and stressed to me the importance of maintaining frictionless trade with our partners in the European Union. I assured him that the government is doing all it can to ensure that we have a deal that respects the referendum result but continues to deliver a future trading relationship that is as seamless as possible.”

UK Coffee Week

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UK Coffee Week is a nationwide celebration of coffee that unites the industry and raises funds for the communities that grow our coffee. UK Coffee Week supports Project Waterfall, an initiative dedicated to bringing clean water facilities to coffee growing communities. 
Cafe Bronte proudly supports UK Coffee Week

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*Offer is applicable to all orders delivered & Invoiced by 30th April. Please Claim using offer code UKCW2018 to ensure you get this 10% discount on your order!

View our Coffee & Beverages page to view our range of coffee....stock up for UK Coffee Week!

29th September - World’s biggest Coffee Morning!

Nutshell created a ‘Limited Edition’ Macmillan branded sugar sachets which we offered FOC to all our customers, to use at their Macmillan Coffee Mornings! By sending us just an image of their coffee morning – we committed to donate £5 on their behalf to Macmillan.

We also ran a ‘Nutshell Bake-Off’ for our staff – we committed to donate £5 for every cake entry, and we then judged the cakes by Taste & Appearance! It was a good excuse to eat cake all day!

Thank you to all our customers and staff, so far we have raised £122.30 for Macmillan.