3 Reasons to #FollowTheFrog This September with Rainforest Alliance

From fighting deforestation and climate change to building economic opportunities and better working conditions for rural people, the Rainforest Alliance is working to solve urgent environmental and social challenges.
In a campaign to help make a better planet RFA have launched #FollowTheFrog which runs from 22nd-28th September. Why should your company #FollowTheFrog this September?

  1. Consumer demand
    ‘92% of global consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit’. Consumers want to see companies with strong ethical values, showing they care for people and planet. By getting involved in #FollowTheFrog you can promote not just your quality RFA Certified products but show your company’s values and how you care, which is what consumers are looking for.

  2. Staff engage with it
    Employees also like to see that their company cares and by joining the campaign it will encourage them to get involved. Employees will promote their company more and especially products with RFA Certification, influencing consumers in the #FollowTheFrog Campaign. They can help through social media, promotions and other means to promote the company’s sustainability along with #FollowTheFrog.

  3. Create a better planet
    Supporting RFA helps to create a better planet, as they look to solve environmental challenges. Consumers are now very conscious with choices and are likely to make choices that they know will benefit the planet. This is because they feel they have a responsibility to care for the place they live in.

Nutshell are proud partners with Rainforest Alliance and we have recently committed to only using RFA Certified Pepper in all our pepper portions. We are excited to make this change as we feel it will make a difference by helping our planet as well as providing you with a premium quality product.

View our range of pepper sachets, or even consider creating your own personalised pepper sachets.