Handcrafted Iced Drinks with Monin – What’s trending?

With Spring now officially here and Summer on the horizon (I know we can’t wait either!), Nutshell have been looking out to see what’s to come this Summer. How are we going to ‘Beat the Heat’ this year?

As a partner with Monin, we’ve taken a look at the Summer trends in Iced Drinks in 2018, and what’s looking ‘Cool’ for 2019 in the Iced Drinks sector.

The Nutshell team have been trying these products out for ourselves as we look to provide insights for all those iced drink lovers! Check out the video and Images of our recent tasting session where we explored the latest trending iced drinks for ourselves.

Handcrafted Iced Beverage Sales

Handcrafted Iced Beverage sales has increased by more than 9% last year and is expected to continue to increase in 2019, as it becomes a more frequent product for consumers rather than being a seasonal trend.

There are a number of varying consumer wants that are trending, starting with the handcrafted concept and experience.

Consumers like to see the craft of their drink, something that’s been bespoke and handmade for them rather than something that’s just premixed.  

Lemonades have seen an increase since 2017, with over 50% of venues now offering different Lemonade options. The flavour profile is also diversifying, the classic cloudy or pink lemonade still appealing, but flavours such as Elderflower, Rhubarb and Mint climbing up the ranks. This appeals to consumers as these aren’t seen as standard flavours, making the drink feel more unique to them.

There are a number of categories in the iced drinks sector, such as Frappes, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Lemonades, Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, Cold Brew and Nitro – The varieties are becoming endless!

Health & Wellbeing

Consumers tend to be a lot more health conscious and showing a demand for lower calorie and Healthier options. This is very popular with younger drinkers with 66% of 18-24 year olds surveyed saying that chilled coffee is a good alternative to sugary drinks.

This includes drinks such Iced Teas and Smoothies – of which 78% of coffee shops now offer a Smoothie option and on average have more than 3 different types available. Mango hitting the top spot, followed closely by Berries, Strawberry, Passion Fruit and Banana!


Ironically, even though there is a strong trend on Health & Wellbeing products, consumers still want the Indulgent option!  Unique and flavoursome drinks such as Frappes, Freak shakes and other indulgent iced drinks are still popular with consumers. Up to 70% of venue’s surveyed, offered this as part of their range.

Core flavours of Coffee, Chocolate and Caramel are strong however recent trends show that consumers are responding to other indulgent flavours which can be created! The likes of Popcorn, Pistachio, Mint Chocolate and Oreo! However, it remains to be said Core Flavours don’t always mean simplicity – Chocolate Frappes can come in the forms of ‘Triple Belgian Chocolate’ ‘Devil’s Chocolate Frappe’ ‘Strawberry White Chocolate’.

Iced Tea

Iced Tea is also seeing an increased demand, with Tea in general becoming more popular, being one of the top hits of the Health and Wellbeing trend. Floral & Fruity Notes have become a sensation, leading to new exciting flavours being introduced into the market – such as Watermelon, Pineapple and Hibiscus.

Since 2017 Iced Green Tea particularly has become more and more popular, competing with the traditional black tea’, popular flavour combinations being Peach, Lemon and Mint. Cold Brew Tea is also something that is emerging so watch this space!

Cold Brew Coffee & Nitro

Cold brew and Nitro is one of the newest entrants into the market, its least known but over the last year has brought such an appeal that it’s offered throughout the food and drink sector.

It seems Cold Brew is something that is here to stay, with over 50% of industry leaders expecting it to become a Coffee shop staple within the next three years, however it remains to be said that there is yet to be proof that Nitro will take off, only time will prove if this is here to stay, that said, is still trending in 2019.

Cold Brew Coffee taste profile isn’t as strong and vibrant as the traditional Hot Coffee beverage, due to the process by which it’s made gives a smoother drink, suiting those who would generally have a milky coffee such as a latte.

It’s all about looks!

Make sure your iced drinks are Instagramable - consumers will always post and share pictures of the latest wonderful creation they’ve just consumed at the local coffee shop, so make the most of the free advertising consumers can do for you!

Thirsty? All these drinks are simple and easy to make with the help of the distinct Monin products, prepare for summer now by planning what you are going to offer. Monin provide a number of recipes that makes these drinks easy to make and are great to help keep your drinks consistent.

Need any help with recipes/POS on Monin products? Contact us now!