National Burger Day! What is the most popular sauce?

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It's National Burger Day, so thinking about all things that go with burgers...

What is the most popular sauce?!

Some would say sauce is a very important necessity with all foods, but with so many available that spoil us for choice, which sauce should you choose? There are a large number of new sauces that have come to the market over the recent years (including the Heinz Smokey Baconnaise we have just been trying here at Nutshell) but it seems the good old sauces are always still top of the pops.

Let’s take a look at the most popular sauces at Nutshell over the past year…

1.       Heinz Tomato Ketchup
No surprise here as Tomato Ketchup has always been one of the most popular sauces in the world! But it shows the old faithful still goes on. In the past year Nutshell sold nearly 3 times as much as all the other sauces put together!

2.       HP Brown Sauce
Another iconic sauce that’s still very popular and often served as an option alongside Tomato Ketchup, although it doesn’t quite drum up the same volume! That said it is the 2nd most popular, mainly due to its uniqueness.

3.       Heinz Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise - a sauce you can have with anything! Hence it’s up there as people like the creaminess and don’t just use it in sandwiches and salads as it commonly would have been.

4.       Heinz BBQ Sauce
A truly legendary sauce, one of the tastes of summer, reminder of the fun times around the BBQ. Long live summer. Often used as a marinade for meat, to give it a great flavour.

5.       Heinz Tartare Sauce
A surprise? Maybe not the sauce you expected to see near the top of the list, but a ‘must have’ with your seafood dish.

What does the future hold? Everyone likes to try new sauces and new flavours are always welcomed, will Tomato Ketchup get knocked off its perch….?

The team here at Nutshell are often found doing trials on new sauces to continually improve our product range. We’re like bees around a honey pot when a new sauce comes in! Any reason to roll in the bacon butties (or whatever suits)!

Looking for a bit of punch in your sauce? Check out the Heinz Firecracker sauce – a smokey, tomato based sauce with a chipotle spicy kick. It goes perfectly with pizzas, meats or anything you want to spice up!